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Vera's Burgers

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Vera's Burger Shack Franchises in the Lower Mainland: $299K - $399K

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About Vera's

Vera's Burger Shack® started as a beach concession in 1977 under the watchful eye of Vera and her husband Frank. Vera prided herself on serving the best possible food, along with a passion for looking after the people who would come down to the beach, sometimes daily, to get one of their burgers.

As Vera and Frank got older they handed over the day to day operation of the "shack" to their granddaughters, who carried the torch for the next generation.

In 2000, Gerald Tritt, a family friend, took over the concession and under his watchful eye continued the traditions that had made "Vera's" an institution; namely quality and freshness.

Since 2001 Gerald and his partner, Noah Cantor, have ensured that Vera's remains committed to providing an experience that makes you want to come back for more by using only top tier ingredients and making our fresh burgers ourselves.

  • Our 6 ounce burgers are made fresh to order and served slightly pink. Because of that, they take a little longer
  • Our fries are double-fried and delicious
  • Our milkshakes are made using real ice cream
  • Our Vera's sauce is made to make you want to drink it

These are the things that make Vera's what it is; a great burger joint. If you don't like something, let us know and we will fix it.

We serve an honest burger which is why we have consistently won "Best Burger" awards for the last 5 years.

"You Can't Beat Vera's Meat"®